Improve Blood Circulation And relieve pain With the Foot Circulation Stimulator!


Next stock available : January 2020

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"What is the Foot Circulation Stimulator?"

The device is intended to be used as a massager for your feet and your legs.

✅ relieve muscle pain

✅ increase blood circulation

✅ relax stiffness muscles

✅ reduce swollen feet and ankles and fatigue.

The massage effect is achieved by electronic stimulation of the nerves.

This Physiotherapeutic Device is developed based on traditional reflexology and acupuncture theories to improve blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, and metabolism, provides an alternative therapy to relieves stress, fatigue, aches and pains and promotes all-round better health and well-being.

"You Will Feel The Relaxation in 3 Minutes Only"

  • All in one device provides reflexology therapy, acupuncture therapy, and infrared therapy.
  • You can place your feet onto the foot pads and meanwhile you can also put the pads on specific areas of pain or acupuncture points in your joints or body. In addition, multiple people can share this device in the same time.
  • It provides one automatic mode and 25 other pre-set stimulation modes, 99 adjustable stimulation intensity, and built-in timer. LCD display for time, intensity, and modes.

"It's So Easy To Use"

For Men and Women

  1. Press the switch button ‘on/off’ about 3 seconds or use remote controller to turn on the unit, then the LCD screen will light up in Blue.
  2. Put two bare feet on the machine, one foot will not feel the stimulation (You can also connect the Gel Pads to this stimulator, then attach them to anywhere you want to relax).
  3. You can adjust the mode by pressing ‘MODE’ to select different modes, maximum is the 25th mode. Increase intensity from 0-99 to your comfortable level and enjoy it, press ‘SOLE’ button-adjust the output intensity of foot sole, and ‘BODY’ button-adjust the output intensity of electrode pads.
  4. You can adjust the modes at anytime, but once mode resetting, the intensity will be returned to ‘0’. For avoiding user’ s shock from the new mode, please reset the intensity again by yourself.
  5. To terminate the massage period, user can turn off the unit anytime by expressing the ‘on/off’ button about 3 seconds(or remote controlling).
  6. Tips: Please adjust the intensity gradually from lower to stronger. This is not a shiatsu foot massager. NO VIBRATION.

"Improve Blood Circulation and Feel More Energetic"

By EMS(electrical muscle stimulation) foot reflexology which reflex to internal organ, this device can promote blood circulation.

No noise!

It helps you reduce tiredness, sooth and relax muscles, relieve tension and pain after all day long work.

"Relieve Pain in Your Legs Instantly and Say Goodbye to Your Problems"

Swollen Legs, Feet and Ankles


Heavy legs



"Target All The Organs of Your Body"

Imitation of Ancient Method – Circulation Booster

Our foot massager works by applying mild, clinically proven electrical stimulation to actively stimulate your feet/legs, boosting circulation to relieve aches and pains.

Simulated acupuncture, cupping, scraping,  rolling pounding and other similar Chinese medicine methods, it is healthier and more beneficial to your body.

"100% Safe and Recommended by Doctors"


Happy Customers - Thank You!❤️


"Take Action Now! Don't Miss Out This Offer!"

The Foot Circulation Stimulator, comes with a 100% money-back guarantee… but we don’t stop there.

At any time, if you decide this product hasn’t performed a miracle on your feet, removing the pain that you feel and improving circulation, just send a message at hello@shopystreet.com and tell any of our staff and we’ll give you a complete refund.

If you aren’t satisfied we would not feel right keeping your money, so we make it easy to get a refund. And just to be clear, there are absolutely no strings attached, no forms to fill out, nothing to prove and we promise we won’t question you.

And you won’t have to wait either, we will issue any refund bank transfer on the spot.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are not satisfied with your product, just send us an email at hello@shopystreet.com

We will give you the address to send back the product.

After we receive your product back, we will issue a refund on your bank account or Paypal account.

This device is safe to use. For more information, ask your doctor about your condition for specific advice.

The Air Compression Leg Massager can accomodate big feet too!

This device is for Women AND Men of all ages, who want to improve circulation in their legs and feet and remove pain.

Our company is located in USA, we provide exclusive products to help people’s live

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