Relieve Pain In Your Legs And Improve Blood Circulation With the Air Compression Leg Massager!


Next stock available : December 2021

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"What is the Air Compression Leg Massager?"

The Air Compression Leg Massager is a device meant to help not only massage the legs, but keep them healthy and their circulation running well. They are very helpful to use if you tend to suffer from cramps, bad circulation, and even varicose veins.

This massager wraps around your legs and is attached with zippers. It is activated with the air pump attached to it which can adjust the running time and the pressure used on your legs.

"You Will Feel an Instant Relief in 10 minutes"

The Air Compression Leg Massager provides instant relief. Unlike some other pain-reducing methods, such as medicine where it might take some time before you start to see results, with this device, you’ll see the results instantly. This is because it can quickly improve the circulation in your legs which is often a major factor in leg pain. By keeping the circulation running well, it can reduce soreness and make your legs feel much better.

"It's So Easy To Use"

For Men and Women
It Fits Even Big Size Legs!

No charging required, simply plug in the device to begin treatments. Step 1 : wrap the limbs around your legs Step 2 : zip up Step 3 : connect the tube to the pump Step 4 : press Start button to begin the treatment

"Improve Blood Circulation and Feel More Energetic"

Because the Air Compression Leg Massager improve your circulation, it will help to make your body feel more energetic. This energy can also help to improve the health of your legs because you’ll be up and moving which can naturally encourage your circulation to keep moving.
The Air Compression Leg Massager has been designed by engineers, doctors and specialists. Each limb is divided into 4 parts and will inflate and deflate successively and independently of others. The pressure will help to evacuate the lymph in your legs, and promote better circulation. This is this unique massage cycle on your feet, calves, knees and thighs that make this device unique and powerful.

"Relieve Pain in Your Legs Instantly and Say Goodbye to Your Problems"

Swollen Legs, Feet and Ankles


Heavy legs



"It Helps To Strengthen Tissues"

This product can surprisingly help to strengthen connective tissues in your legs. These tissues are often connected to important parts of the body, like blood vessels and organs, which means that by keeping them strong, you’ll be able to better protect these vital body parts.

"This Machine Improves the Tone of Your Skin"

Circulation issues in the legs can end up making them look spotty and rather ugly. However, thanks to the Air Compression Leg Massager, you can reduce these spotty areas which can help to better tone the skin of your legs. This means it can also help to reduce varicose veins.

"100% Safe and Recommended by Doctors"


Technical Parameters:
Pressure range: 20-240 ± 20Hg
Time adjustment range: 0-30min,
Rated voltage: AC220V/110V
Rated power: 30W
Lower sleeve length: 80cm
Lower sleeve width deployed : 60cm

Happy Customers - Thank You!❤️


"Take Action Now! Don't Miss Out This Offer!"

The Air Compression Leg Massager, comes with a 100% money-back guarantee… but we don’t stop there. At any time, if you decide this product hasn’t performed a miracle on your legs, removing the pain that you feel in your heavy legs, just send a message at hello@shopystreet.com and tell any of our staff and we’ll give you a complete refund. If you aren’t satisfied we would not feel right keeping your money, so we make it easy to get a refund. And just to be clear, there are absolutely no strings attached, no forms to fill out, nothing to prove and we promise we won’t question you. And you won’t have to wait either, we will issue any refund bank transfer on the spot.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are not satisfied with the Air Compression Leg Massager, just send us an email at hello@shopystreet.com

We will give you the address to send back the product.

After we receive your product back, we will issue a refund on your bank account or Paypal account.

This device is safe to use. For more information, ask your doctor about your condition for specific advice.

The Air Compression Leg Massager can accomodate big size legs too!

The sleeve dimensions are : 

Length = 80cm

Width = 32cm

Circumference = 60cm

Each Air Compression Leg Massager is delivered with 2 sleeves, so that you can treat both legs at the same time.

This device is for Women AND Men of all ages, who want to improve circulation in their legs and remove pain.

Our company is located in USA, we provide exclusive products to help people’s lives

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